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patio design shrewsbury
Garden Design service Shrewsbury


The brief for this job was quite simple, Help Please! The client requested a raised seating area with lots of lawn and a vegetable area. Using the natural slope of the garden we constructed a natural stone wall to divide the garden into an upper and lower terrace and planted a variety of shrubs to soften the impact of the stone wall. With a seating arbour positioned on the upper terrace the client was able to enjoy the sun.


The client wanted a garden that could be enjoyed throughout the year. The layout is centred around a sandstone orb water feature and curved brick seating, with a slate mulched path. Around the outside of the garden are 4 curved beds filled with interesting planting giving interest throughout the year. Due to the garden being south facing we constructed a natural sandstone patio area with a large timber corner gazebo to give some shade.


This was an interesting job to do as the shape of the garden was very irregular. The client wanted to have a nice seating area in the corner to enjoy the evening sun and sit around their log burner. Using treated sleepers we secured them in the ground set on a radius at different heights to give a gradual rise and fall appearance. To the back of the circle we used more treated sleepers and smaller timber to create a curved seat.


The client requested a large family sized patio area and a canopy so they could enjoy the garden even if it rains. Random sized blue slate slabs were used for the patio, which flowed across the back and side of the house. We then constructed a treated timber frame which was anchored to the house and supported on large oak posts. The top was finished with toughened glass fitted to aluminium rails and sealed to make it water tight.


The customer wanted a modern looking layout. We constructed the raised beds out of concrete blocks which were then rendered and painted. A set of low level lights were fitted so the garden can be enjoyed in the evening. We screened the garage and old fence with horizontal treated timber to help pull the corner together. A floating corner seat creates a nice focal point and it is finished off with a random sized limestone patio area.